CO Movie Day: "The Son of Bigfoot"

CO Movie Day: "The Son of Bigfoot"

Belgian-French animated film "The Son of Bigfoot" is now playing in cinemas!

31 Aug - We've seen movies of youngsters searching for their true parentage but what if it turns out that they are descended from a legendary cryptid?

"The Son of Bigfoot" is the answer to that; it tells of a teenage boy named Adam who sets out to find his long-lost dad only to discover that his father is Bigfoot himself, a creature often thought to be either fictional or a hoax.

Follow the adventure of the father-son duo as they make up for lost time and Adam learns many wonderful things about himself that he inherited from his big, hirsute father.

These adorable girls are excited to watch the animated film.

Of course, lucky Cinema Online readers were already treated to the premiere of "The Son of Bigfoot" yesterday at TGV 1 Utama.

Cinema Online readers who won their screening passes via our contest were able to catch the Belgium-French animated film a day before it officially opens in local cinemas.

Nur Salwani: "The trailer looks good", so she's happy to get the watch the movie a day earlier!


Jeff likes animation, so "The Son of Bigfoot" is a must-watch for him.

Most of these winners were definitely big fans of animated films, hence their excitement to be able to catch the movie even before it hits cinemas in Malaysia from today onwards. With yesterday being the eve of a public holiday, it was also a perfect treat for those who were looking to wind down from their hectic work or school days.

AJ happily showing off the "The Son of Bigfoot" premiere passes that he won from Cinema Online.


Friends of Cinema Online winner Abdul Haafidz posing with their "The Son of Bigfoot" premiere passes.

"The Son of Bigfoot" is now showing in cinemas nationwide.

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