Tobey Maguire turns director with a thriller film

Tobey Maguire turns director with a thriller film

Tobey Maguire: actor, producer, and now – director.

5 Apr – Tobey Maguire is going to make his directorial debut by helming a thriller film, "Blood on Snow".

The former Spiderman is directing the big screen adaptation of the thriller novella of the same name written by bestselling Norwegian author, Jo Nesbo, as told via Deadline.

The screen rights to the book are jointly owned by Maguire's production company Material Pictures and Grey Matter Productions.

Maguire and his Material Pictures partner, Matthew Plouffe, will produce the film while Grey Matter's Ben Everard will be executive producing it, along with Nesbo and the author's agent, Niclas Salomonsson.

Nesbo himself will be penning the script for the film.

"Blood on Snow", the book that the Maguire-directed film is based on, is about an assassin named Olav Johansen, who has been sent to kill his boss' adulterous wife. But things get complicated for Olav when he falls for his target, which ultimately leads to him dealing with his boss' rival.

The book was published in 2015 and is the first instalment of a trilogy of novellas, the third of which was published just last year. This could potentially mean that Maguire will be directing two more films to complete the set.

Back in 2013, it was reported that Maguire's close friend Leonardo DiCaprio himself was planning to produce and star in the film adaptation based on the same book. It seems like the deal did not pan out since now it has Maguire holding the reins.

Spider-Man is one of Tobey Maguire's best-known acting roles.

Tobey Maguire has been professionally acting pretty much all his life. His first appearances on camera were mostly guest spots and uncredited roles. His film career took off when he was cast in "This Boy's Life" in 1993, alongside DiCaprio. Recently, in 2013, Maguire played another role in a film with DiCaprio, "The Great Gatsby".

In 1997, Maguire's role in "The Ice Storm" is what really kicked his career into gear. It was followed up with lead roles in "Pleasantville" and "The Cider House Rules" before he was cast as Peter Parker in 2002's "Spiderman" and its two sequels, and soon became a household name.

Most recently, he voiced the adult Tim Templeton in the newly released animated film, "The Boss Baby".

Behind cameras, Maguire has produced a handful of films, including "Rock of Ages" and "The 5th Wave".

So far, "Blood on Snow" does not have a release date, but everyone is eagerly waiting to hear more.

In the meantime, another Jo Nesbo adaptation, "The Snowman", is set to hit the big screen in October this year.

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