Tommy Lee Jones, Hiroshi Abe and more launch Tokyo Film Fest

Tommy Lee Jones, Hiroshi Abe and more launch Tokyo Film Fest

Tommy Lee Jones at the Tokyo International Film Festival.

26 Oct - A rainy and cold Tokyo evening didn't put a damper to the spirits of fans and celebrities on the Tokyo International Film Festival's (TIFF) opening day.

Cinema Online met filmmakers and actors from all over the world who came to Roppongi, Tokyo to celebrate the 30th edition of the prestigious film event.

Malaysian film "Adiwira Ku" or "My Superheroes" as it is known in Japan, is screening under the Crosscut Asia section therefore director-producer Eric Ong, executive producer-screenplay writer Jason Chong and lead star Sangeetha Krishnasamy were there to represent their film.

"It's an honour to be able to show our film in Tokyo, I hope the reception will be good and the people here will welcome it," said Eric Ong.

The "Adiwira Ku" a.k.a. "My Superheroes" team from Malaysia.

Malaysian filmmaker Edmund Yeo, a regular at the TIFF, has two films screening this year: "Yasmin-san" a documentary on the late Yasmin Ahmad under the Crosscut Asia section and "Aqerat (We the Dead)" that's screening under the Competition section.

Actress Sharifah Amani who is featured in "Yasmin-san" and "Aqerat" stars Howard Hon Kahoe and Daphne Low accompanied their director at the red carpet.

"It is good to be back and have two films showing this year for the first time in Japan. I hope they will be shown in Malaysia too after this," said Edmund.

Edmund Yeo and Sharifah Amani representing "Yasmin-san".

A special attention is being brought to Cambodia this year via Cambodian Young Cinema as four young filmmakers, Sok Chanrado, Neang Kavich, Ly Polen and Sang Chanvisal came to Tokyo for their very first time to represent each one of their short films.

The young Cambodian filmmakers at TIFF to present their short films.

Since the subject of this year's Special Focus is on Japanese Animation, director Keiichi Hara and everyone's favorite Pokemon, Pikachu, came to celebrate 20 years of Pokemon animation as well.

There was also a rousing reception to the Competition Jury President, Academy Award-nominated writer and director Tommy Lee Jones, who previously attended the 18th edition of the festival.

"We're all very happy to be here in Tokyo on this honored occasion." he said upon meeting Cinema Online at the red carpet.

Of course no Japanese red carpet will be complete without the attendance of a big local star, so this year actor Hiroshi Abe was present at the red carpet.

Hiroshi Abe, one of Japan's biggest movie stars.

The 10-day film Tokyo International Film Festival will be showcasing over 200 films from Japan and around the world. It runs until 3 November 2017 at Roppongi Hills, Tokyo.

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