Will Smith, Tom Hanks in talks for Tim Burton's movie

Will Smith, Tom Hanks in talks for Tim Burton's movie

Are your ears ready for Will Smith and Tom Hanks' big news?

14 Jan – Two big names are reportedly being eyed to star in the live-action adaptation of Disney's beloved animated movie, "Dumbo".

Will Smith ("Suicide Squad", "Collateral Beauty") and Tom Hanks ("Inferno", "Sully") may just be co-starring in the Tim Burton movie, Variety reports.

However, they may not be playing on the same team. Smith is in early talks to play the good guy while Hanks is looking at an offer to play the villain.

Getting either of them to immediately board the project would require some feathery magic, though. Since both actors have other offers lined up and the filming schedules would clash with the Disney remake's own.

Smith will have to pick between doing "Dumbo" and the third "Bad Boys" movie, subtitled "Bad Boys for Life", and Hanks will have to consider dropping World War II drama "Greyhound" if he were to go for "Dumbo".

The upcoming adaptation will be a mix of live-action and animation, as opposed to the original 1941 fully animated musical movie, which tells of a baby elephant whose enormous ears give him the ability to fly.

The new "Dumbo" is expected to fly into cinemas in 2018.

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