Singaporean Adi Putra picked to play Malaysian warrior, Mat Kilau

Singaporean Adi Putra picked to play Malaysian warrior, Mat Kilau

Adi Putra (L) and director Syamsul Yusof during the press conference for "Mat Kilau"

30 Mar – The making of a Mat Kilau movie has been talked of for years but eventually has never materialised on the silver screen, now new production company Studio Kembara is making its own attempt at bringing the story of the Malaysian warrior to the big screen.

"Munafik" director Syamsul Yusof will be helming the movie, "Mat Kilau", starring Datuk Adi Putra as the eponymous legendary figure.

"Why pick a non-Malaysian to play a legendary Malaysian warrior?", the director was asked at the press conference held during the movie's official launch yesterday evening at Dataran Karyawan FINAS.

"I only look at the actor's capabilities," replied Syamsul, adding that he believed Adi Putra would be able to perfectly portray the great warrior.

The Singaporean-born actor also chimed in, admitting that he now holds a blue IC (the identity card held by Malaysian citizens) and will be able to start voting from this year.

Mat Kilau was one of the great warriors in the olden days. Born in 1847 in Pahang, he was revered for his bravery in fighting against the British during the latter's occupation in the state.

The director, cast and producers of "Mat Kilau" at the launch ceremony.
The movie will follow the warrior's brave journey as he rose up against Captain Syers.

Also starring in the movie are Fattah Amin as Awang, Beto Kusyairy as Wahid, Johan As'ari as Yasin, A. Galak as Pak Deris, newcomer Ali Karimi as Berahim, and Farid Amirul and Nadiya Nisaa in unspecified roles.

Meanwhile, Indonesian martial arts actor Yayan Ruhian ("Star Wars: The Force Awakens", "Beyond Skyline", "The Raid") will be choreographing the fight scenes as well as play the bodyguard to Captain Syers in the movie.

The epic movie is slated to begin principal photography by this Sunday, 1 April, in Pahang. Shootings will also be done in Ipoh, though Syamsul admitted that the exact shooting locations have yet to be finalised.

With a budget of RM5 million, "Mat Kilau" is expected to wrap up filming in two months' time.

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