"Ah Boys to Men 4" makes RM7 million in Malaysia

"Ah Boys to Men 4" makes RM7 million in Malaysia

"Ah Boys to Men 4" collected RM7 million at the local box office.

7 Feb – Last November during his visit to Malaysia to promote the latest instalment of his "Ah Boys to Men" franchise, director Jack Neo revealed that there would only be a fifth instalment if "Ah Boys to Men 4" did well at the box office.

Well, looks like there's no worry of a fifth movie not happening then since the fourth "Ah Boys" movie have successfully made RM7 million at the box office in Malaysia!

"Thank you for the support!" said the director via video call yesterday evening, during the appreciation dinner held at Copper Mansion, Petaling Jaya.

Jack and his ah boys, not forgetting the new ah girl, were not able to make it due to an unexpected flight delay at Singapore's Changi Airport but they still sent their love via video greeting.

"Ah Boys to Men 4" cutouts standing in for the actual cast who couldn't make it to the event.

Emcee of the evening, MYFM DJ Phei Yong, jokingly asking Apple Chan's cutout to say a word or two to the crowd.

"So sorry we couldn't join you, hope we'll be able to meet for "Ah Boys to Men 5"," said actor Tosh Zhang.

Tosh will undoubtedly be back in "Ah Boys to Men 5", which director Jack has confirmed to be in the making.

Cast members Maxi Lim, Jaspers Lai, Joshua Tan, Wang Lei, Apple Chan and Noah Yap, who were also supposed to have landed in Malaysia yesterday, are expected to reprise their respective roles as well for the fifth movie.

"Ah Boys to Men 4" opened in Malaysian cinemas on 23 November last year, where it went on to make RM5.3 million after just two weeks of showing, before ending its run with the impressive RM7 million gross.

Over in its home country, "Ah Boys to Men 4" set the biggest opening weekend for an Asian film in 2017 when it opened on 9 November 2017, making SGD2 million after just four days and grossing more than SGD5 million after just 5 weeks of screening in Singaporean cinemas.

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