"BoboiBoy The Movie" sequel wants your voice!

"BoboiBoy The Movie" sequel wants your voice!

Here's your chance to be part of the voice cast for the sequel of "BoboiBoy The Movie".

10 Aug – You don't need any superpower to be a part of BoboiBoy's alien-fighting crew, you just need to have the right voice.

The 2016 animated hit "BoboiBoy The Movie" is gearing up for an animated sequel, "BoboiBoy The Movie 2", and is now in the process of looking for voice talents.

If you meet the required criteria, this is your chance to shine.

Animonsta Studios (also known as Monsta), the production company behind the animated movie, is looking for male voice actors with a deep voice to play a villain character and a good guy character.

It is also looking for a girl aged 10 to 13 with a young, energetic and boyish voice to lend to a good girl character.

Since the characters will be speaking in the Malay language, fluency in it would be beneficial as interested applicants are required to send in their voice samples reading the following statement:

"Hi nama saya (state your name) dan saya berminat untuk mencuba uji bakat suara BoBoiBoy The Movie 2".

Send in your voice sample, personal details and phone number to mustazza@animonsta.com or recruitment@animonsta.com.

You may also attach a showreel of your past voice acting performances if you have any.

"BoboiBoy The Movie", a big screen adaptation of the local animated series "BoboiBoy", was released in local cinemas on 3 March 2016.

Following its success in its home country, where it managed to exceed its local box office target of RM13 million by RM3 million, and the successes it met at regional cinemas such as Indonesia, Brunei and Singapore, the first animated movie from Monsta was also screened in over 100 South Korean cinemas and selected for the 2017 Bucheon International Fantastic Film Festival.

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