"Buyer Beware" director already working on a US remake

"Buyer Beware" director already working on a US remake

Director Jeffrey Chiang listening to Carlos Chan as the "Buyer Beware"
star related his supernatural experience on set to the media.

18 Jul – The Carlos Chan-starring horror movie "Buyer Beware" has yet to open in its home country Malaysia but there is already an American remake of it in the making.

"We'll be shooting in the US, that's in the works," director Jeffrey Chiang told Cinema Online during an interview at The Curve yesterday evening.

The Malaysian filmmaker revealed that he is currently working on the script and is also in the midst of casting fresh faces for the remake.

"I'm a strong believer in new, young talents. Like Carlos, for example. So we want to give opportunities not just for actors in the US but also to look for a new director," said the director, adding that he will not be helming the remake and will let an up-and-coming US director take the reins instead.

Hong Kong actor Carlos Chan stars as Charlie in "Buyer Beware".

"Buyer Beware", starring the aforementioned Hong Kong actor, sees Carlos playing an ambitious property agent called Charlie, who sells haunted properties to unaware buyers. His actions eventually lead to a chain of scary events happening around him.

The horror movie, which is filmed fully in Malaysia in spite of its Hong Kong setting, started haunting the big screen in territories like Hong Kong and Singapore on 28 June.

It is scheduled for release soon in Malaysian as well as Cambodian cinemas on 19 July and 23 July, respectively.

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