China Film Directors' Guild announces nominations

China Film Directors' Guild announces nominations

"Wolf Warrior 2" is one of the nominated films.

30 Mar – The China Film Directors' Guild have recently released the list of nominations for this year's awards.

As reported on Phoenix, the Guild held a press conference on 22 March to announce the nominations, which sees an interesting mix of award-winning films like "Love Education" and "Angels Wear White", and box office commercial projects like "Wolf Warrior 2" and "The Ex-File: The Return of the Exes".

The Guild also announced the panel of jury, which is led by film director Zhang Yimou. Other jury members include filmmaker Zhang Jianya, producer Li Shaohong, and actress Zhao Wei.

Last year, it was Feng Xiaogang's "I Am Not Madame Bovary" that won Best Picture, with its lead star Fan Bingbing and screenwriter Liu Zhenyun winning Best Actress and Best Screenwriter, respectively.

The nominees are as follows:

Director of the Year:
Feng Xiaogang ("Youth")
Chen Kaige ("Legend of the Demon Cat")
Wu Jing ("Wolf Warrior II")
Vivian Qu ("Angels Wear White")
Zhang Yang ("Soul On A String")

Movie of the Year:
"Wolf Warrior II"
"Legend of the Demon Cat"
"Soul On A String"
"Angels Wear White"

Actor of the Year:
Huang Xuan ("Youth")
Duan Yihong ("The Looming Storm")
Tian Zhuangzhuang ("Love Education")
Tu Men ("Old Beast")
Fan Wei ("Mr. No Problem")

Actress of the Year:
Sylvia Chang ("Love Education")
Zhou Dongyu ("This is Not What I Expected")
Zhou Xun ("Our Time Will Come")
Elane Zhong ("Youth")
Vicky Chen ("Angels Wear White")

Young Director of the Year:
Zhou Ziyang ("Old Beast")
Han Han ("Duckweed")
Tian Yusheng ("The Ex-File: The Return of the Exes")
Dong Chengpeng ("City of Rock")
Wang Ran ("Our Shining Days")

Screenwriter of the Year:
Mei Feng, Huang Shi ("Mr. No Problem")
Wen Yan ("Angels Wear White")
Zhou Ziyang ("Old Beast")
Dong Yue ("The Looming Storm")
You Xiaoying ("Love Education").

The 9th China Film Director's Guild will be held on 21 April.

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