Chiu Keng Guan's new movie releasing this Chinese New Year

Chiu Keng Guan's new movie releasing this Chinese New Year

Director Chiu Keng Guan and his all-female "Think Big Big" cast.

16 Jan – This Chinese New Year, famed local director Chiu Keng Guan is making a return with his fifth movie, "Think Big Big".

The movie focuses on Moon, a plus-sized girl who dreams of becoming an astronaut. She lives a happy, care-free life working as a mascot until one day, debts force her to join a weight-loss competition that requires her to share her fitness journey on social media.

"This is a story about loving yourself unconditionally," said Chiu regarding the message of his latest movie, which also touches on how social media has changed today's society.

The director was present at the movie's launch yesterday at Thai Thai Restaurant, Sunway Pyramid, along with his six-member all-female main cast: Miss Astro alums Serene Lim and Vivienne Oon, singer Ruby Yap, Moon Yoong, Joanne Lau, and Keigrey Kam.

"As a filmmaker, I like to challenge myself to do something different," Chiu told Cinema Online about his decision to focus on female characters this time around, which, he admitted at the event, is a subject he is not well-versed in.

The actresses of "Think Big Big" getting ready to introduce themselves at the launch.

The director didn't seem to have any problem helming the cast, however, as everyone seems to share a special bond after working on the movie. Jokes were aplenty in the conversations between the director and his cast, and the cast has even come up with a 'shoulder-shaking' dance they said they like to do whenever they got bored on set.

The movie was filmed mostly in Bukit Pelanduk, Kuala Lumpur area and in a secondary school in Seremban. Having previously lived in Bukit Pelanduk himself, the director stated that as his reason of picking the place as the setting for his latest movie.

"Think Big Big" is opening in cinemas on 15 February 2018.

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