Chrissie Chau just wants to be an actress

Chrissie Chau just wants to be an actress

Chrissie Chau doesn't intend to be known as a sex symbol.

26 Apr – While most people think that Chrissie Chau has made a successful transformation from a sexy star to a serious actor through "29+1", the actress says that she never intended to be known as a sex symbol in the first place.

As reported on Phoenix, the actress who sat down for an interview recently, shared that her main objective in showbiz is to be an actress, saying, "Since my debut, my goal was to be an actor and to just act [in movies]. I do all my work based on that goal."

She stated that while she did publish photobooks like other pseudo-models of her time, Chrissie said that it was nothing more than to get her name out there so that people will recognise her and give her more opportunities to reach her goal.

"In fact, I am actually a bit of a tomboy, which is far from sexy," she said.

As for acting, Chrissie said that she doesn't mind taking any kind of role as long as it gives her the opportunity to improve and doesn't exceed her personal limit.

"The entertainment industry is just like this. As long as it entertains the public and not hurt others, I am okay with it," she said.

(Photo Source: Chrissie Chau Instagram)

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