Puskas Award winner Faiz Subri attends Hungarian Film Fiesta launch

Puskas Award winner Faiz Subri attends Hungarian Film Fiesta launch

(L-R) Mr. György Szöllosi, H.E. Atilla Kali, Mr. Faiz Subri, Ms. Koh Mei Lee and Cinema Online
Marketing Director Mr. Devinder Singh at the launch of Hungarian Film Fiesta 2018 in Kuala Lumpur.

7 Jun – It's all about football at the inaugural Hungarian Film Fiesta in Malaysia. One of the esteemed guests for the event's launch yesterday evening was FIFA Puskas Award 2016 winner Faiz Subri himself, whose presence fittingly denotes the main theme of the film festival.

To mark the special occasion, a replica of the Penang footballer's Puskas award was even displayed on stage during the event.

The award without a doubt holds a special meaning especially to Malaysia as Faiz Subri is the only footballer from Asia to have ever been awarded with the prestigious accolade, which was created in honour of legendary Hungarian footballer Ferenc Puskás.

"Hosting this Hungarian Film Fiesta just one week prior to FIFA World Cup is indeed quite timely, as it sets the mood and tone for the World Cup fever," said GSC CEO Ms. Koh Mei Lee in her welcome speech.

"Through mutual interest in football and movies, we look forward to forging better ties and mutual understanding with this Hungarian Film Fiesta, which will undoubtedly appeal to football and cinema fans alike."

H.E. Atilla Kali says that this is his country's first venture into hosting its own film festival in Malaysia,
previously Hungarian movies have only been shown as part of the European Union Film Festival.

Mr. György Szöllosi giving his speech, the Puskas award can be seen placed next to the lectern onstage.

Ambassador of Hungary to Malaysia H.E. Atilla Kali and Ambassador of Hungarian Football Tradition and Affairs Concerning Ferenc Puskás György Szöllosi echo Ms. Koh's sentiment in their speeches, voicing their hope that Malaysia's and Hungary's love for football will help further strengthen the ties between the two countries.

The first ever Hungarian Film Fiesta in Malaysia officially runs from today until 10 June, showcasing a total of four movies from Hungary that embody the global love for football (or soccer, some countries call it).

"Brazils", "Puskás Hungary", "Barca's Untold Legends", "6:3 A.K.A Past Plays Itself" will all be screened for free at GSC Pavilion KL.

Hungarian Film Fiesta 2018 is organised by the Embassy of Hungary in Malaysia, supported by GSC and Cinema Online.

For more info and showtimes for the Hungarian Film Fiesta 2018, CLICK HERE.

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