Fala Chen starts from scratch in Hollywood

Fala Chen starts from scratch in Hollywood

Fala Chen is trying to break into Hollywood.

25 Jun – Even though she is now a graduate of The Juilliard School in New York, Fala Chen admitted that she has to start from scratch when it comes to making a name in Hollywood.

As reported on HK01, the actress, who made a rare appearance at a Hong Kong event recently, shared that she has recently signed with Brian Swardstrom of United Talent Agency - the same company that manages Academy Awards winner, Frances McDormand.

When asked if she has succeeded in getting any roles, Fala said that she has yet to receive any good news.

"The audition process is like playing games at times, where you have to pass many levels. Sometimes, you could pass the contract negotiation level, but in the end, the producer may decide to use a different actor instead," she said.

However, Fala stressed that she took all of these failures as a good learning experience.

"Every time I completed an audition, I wanted to do even better. Whenever I get no callbacks from the casting people, I will try for the next one," she said.

Nonetheless, the actress assured that she is not closing her doors on Hong Kong productions, adding that she had just met with a director to discuss an upcoming project.

(Photo Source: Fala Chen Instagram)

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