Fan Bingbing kicked out of top ten most valuable star list

Fan Bingbing kicked out of top ten most valuable star list

Fan Bingbing's tax evasion scandal has somewhat affected the actress' ranking.

31 Aug – Fan Bingbing's reign as one of the most valuable stars has reportedly fallen if the latest ranking made by iMiner is to be believed.

As reported on Epoch Times, iMiner, the Beijing company which provides big data service for the entertainment industry, recently unveiled its July Most Valuable Stars list, which revealed Dilraba Dilmurat as the current most bankable Chinese star.

The "Hurry Up, Brother" star, whose new drama "Sweet Dreams" has been doing great in the ratings, also found her reality show, "Shake it Up" well-received by the viewers. She has also been receiving more endorsements of late, including from the international ice cream brand, Haagen-Dasz.

Dilraba was followed by singer Lu Han, actress Yang Mi, TFBOYS' Wang Junkai, teen singer Roy Wang, rapper Cai Xukun, actresses Zanilia Zhao and Angelababy, and former EXO members Kris Wu, and Tao.

Fan Bingbing, who was always in the top ten, was revealed to have dropped to 11th place.

According to iMiner, while the authorities have never confirmed rumours that the actress was involved in a tax evasion scandal, her business value has dropped dramatically from fourth place in June to 11th in July because of it.

The actress, who has nearly 30 endorsements that include international brands, reportedly found her business value index drop from 96.36 to 92.70 - making it the first time an artiste has fallen so rapidly in the ranking.

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