Farid Kamil: The entertainment industry is infiltrated with gangsterism

Farid Kamil: The entertainment industry is infiltrated with gangsterism

Dato' Farid Kamil said he has not thought of hiring a personal bodyguard as of yet.

1 Mar – Malaysian actor and director Dato' Farid Kamil made a surprising statement at a press conference yesterday when he claimed that the Malaysian entertainment industry is starting to get infiltrated by elements of gangsterism.

According to Farid, this act of gangsterism which is spreading in the industry is not something wholly new, but has been seeping in since five years ago.

"These groups are rather active in the industry and to me, they have a clear goal in their lives, which is to be part of the scene but they live off certain cronies.

"I call them parasites because they try to place themselves in the entertainment industry however they can, even if it means to murder," he said in a tell-all press conference he held at The Loft Event Space in Setia Alam, yesterday.

He also added that this unfortunate event might be due to dissatisfaction or jealousy some parties might have against him.

Furthermore, the "Tombiruo: Penunggu Rimba" actor hopes that this problem can be halted so that it will not damage the local industry which before this was "clean".

When asked if he would hire a bodyguard after making such a bold statement, the 36-year-old actor calmly said, "no".

But he will be more cautious with his surroundings or with the friends he makes so that any unfavourable incidents will not occur again.

Farid also denies reports of him going through stress or mental health problems due to his supposed household crisis.

Instead, he said that his wife and family are always by his side throughout these trying times.

Meanwhile, Farid who was asked to comment on the dispute over the status of his Pingat Darjah Sri Indera Mahkota Pahang (DIMP) that was awarded to him on December 2017, said that he has not received any feedback regarding his status to this day.

"I have not received any formal feedback about the title that is awarded to me yet."

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