JC Chee in 'raunchy' upcoming local comedy "Get Hard"

JC Chee in 'raunchy' upcoming local comedy "Get Hard"

JC Chee will take on a comedic role in "Get Hard".

29 Jan – After making a name for himself via the hit local sports drama, "Ola Bola", actor JC Chee is set to take on a new role as man suffering from erectile dysfunction in the upcoming comedy, "Get Hard".

According to JC Chee, he was over the moon when he got offered the chance to star in the local film and was also attracted to the unique subject matter that is considerably a sensitive topic amongst men.

"In "Get Hard", I play Tang, a man who is quite successful in his career.

"It's just that behind all that success, Tang is actually very insecure as he suffers from erectile dysfunction," says Chee.

Elaborating more on the upcoming film, Chee admits that for him, it is a huge and tough responsibility to take on the role as he has to imagine himself as someone with the dysfunction.

Apart from that, Chee will also have to hone his comedic chops as he will be starring in a comedy film for the first time.

The plot of the film revolves around Tang who has a girlfriend named KeLi, and throughout their five-year courtship have not experienced intimacy.

Things soon take a turn when Tang's mother gets sick and forces him to get married in 30 days. Tang then goes into panic mode and seeks help from his friends to remedy his situation.

The Chan Wai Cheong film is expected to come to cinemas this March 2018.

(Photo Source: JC Chee Instagram)

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