Kaka Azraff hopes fans will love her "Gol Dan Gincu Vol. 2" OST

Kaka Azraff hopes fans will love her "Gol Dan Gincu Vol. 2" OST

Kaka Azraff is happy but nervous that she gets to sing "Shout It Out" for "Gol Dan Gincu Vol. 2".

24 Sep – Malaysian singer-actress Kaka Azraff was a mixed bag of emotions when she first found out that she was to sing the official soundtrack for the new "Gol Dan Gincu Vol. 2".

"I was excited, happy and nervous," the 29-year-old told Cinema Online during her appearance at the "Get It Beauty" booth at Malaysia's first ever influencer event, "IN Festival: Influencers 2018", held at KLCC last weekend.

Saying that since she was a fan of the first movie, "Gol Dan Gincu", she was happy and excited to get the opportunity but was also nervous when she remembered it also meant she was following in the footsteps of Ella, who sang the OST for the 2005 movie, and was worried of having to perform just as well as the legendary singer.

"But I counter my negative thoughts with more positive ones; this is my time to give the new generation new music," said the petite singer-actress.

"I hope fans will love "Shout It Out"," she added with a bright smile.

Of course, Kaka doesn't just provide OST for movies, she also stars in them. Her latest one will be an Indonesian-Malaysian production called "Zharfa the Movie", in which she plays the titular character.

"The movie is releasing in Malaysian cinemas in October," she said. "It will then also screen in Jakarta."

The movie is her first collaboration with our neighbouring country.

Kaka sure has her plate full at the moment as she is busy preparing her first studio album which she plans to release next year, she is the host of tvN's "Get It Beauty: On the Road Malaysian Edition" and she will also be seen in a TV3 telemovie next.

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