"KL Gangster Underworld" is more extreme

"KL Gangster Underworld" is more extreme

The main cast of "KL Gangster Underworld".

17 Aug – Following the success of "KL Gangster" and "KL Gangster 2", Skop Productions and iflix have partnered up for the latter's gangster-themed Original Series, "KL Gangster Underworld".

The iflix drama promises to be a more extreme piece compared to its theatrical predecessors since it is not bound by the restrains faced by cinema-screened movies.

According to co-producer Syafiq Yusof, who is a well-known director in the local film industry, the series gives him room to be more daring.

"Before this we had to think about the guidelines to make sure that the movie will not be too much for screenings in cinemas but now for this iflix drama, we don't have to think of such issue and this gives us, especially the director, more room for creative freedom.

"For example, the use of coarse language, which is not permitted in theatrical releases, but for this iflix drama, we use it a lot," he said during the preview of the series that was held recently at Suzie Wong, KL.

Skop Productions and iflix producers with the cast of "KL Gangster Underworld".

Mark Francis, iflix's Global Director of Original Programming, said that iflix was proud to be able to work with Skop Productions in bringing the latter's "KL Gangster" franchise to the streaming platform.

"We're excited to air this local drama, a 'fresh' piece with its twists and surprises that will be satisfying for viewers. In fact, the series promises a greater story, packed with action and more importantly, it looks realistic."

The series is helmed by a director well known in the action movie field, namely Faisal Ishak, who previously directed the "Juvana" trilogy, which was adapted from his own popular drama series of the same name.

"KL Gangster Underworld" stars Beto Kusyairy, Ezzaty Abdullah, Azhan Rani, Hasnul Rahmat, Nabila Huda, Zahiril Adzim, Dynas Mokhtar, Fezrul Khan, Daniella Sya and more.

With a total of six episodes for its first season, the series started airing since 16 August for free on iflix.

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