"KL Special Force" will screen in Singapore and Brunei

"KL Special Force" will screen in Singapore and Brunei

Director Syafiq Yusof with the cast of "KL Special Force".

7 Mar – Director Syafiq Yusof continues to excel with his latest action blockbuster, "KL Special Force" which has been widely praised since its preview.

Although his latest movie centres on the police force, it is a more serious film without any room for comedy.

"This idea came to fruition when I wanted to make a more serious police story with no comedic elements and have actors who can portray challenging characters. From there, "KL Special Force" was born," he said during the premiere of "KL Special Force" at mmCineplexes, eCurve yesterday.

Mustaqim Bahadon, Josiah Hogan, Shaharuddin Tambi, Sabrina Ali, Fattah Amin,
Tania Hudson, Ramona Zamzam, and Datuk Rosyam Nor at the premiere.

Syafiq, who is known for being a director who likes to pair up new talents with more seasoned actors, does the same in his latest movie, pairing Fattah Amin and Datuk Rosyam Nor in leading roles.

"There is a junior police and a senior police in this movie. The choice of having Fattah on board was made because this is his first movie and I always knew he was capable of bringing a serious character. For Datuk Rosyam Nor, his acting credibility and experiences in an action movie like this one is obviously undoubted."

Syafiq also praised all of his actors and actresses who were so committed and willing to do their own stunts even when stunt performers were readily available on set.

Besides Fattah and Rosyam Nor, the movie which costs around RM 4 million to produce also stars Syamsul Yusof as one of the main characters, along with Sabrina Ali, Puteri Balqis, Tania Hudson, Esma Daniel, Josiah Hogan, Ramona Zamzam, and many more

The Skop Productions, Damofa Productions, and Viper Studios joint production will also be released in neighbouring countries which includes Singapore and Brunei.

"KL Special Force" will premiere in Malaysia this 8 March.

Meanwhile, when asked about his hopes for this movie, Shafiq, also the son of acclaimed producer and director Datuk Yusof Haslam said that he hopes that it will be well-received by fans, thus continuing his excellent streak after "Abang Long Fadil 2".

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