Louis Koo filming three movies at once

Louis Koo filming three movies at once

Louis Koo is a very busy man.

6 Aug – Now that his new thriller, "A Witness Out Of The Blue" has begun shooting, Louis Koo admitted that he currently has three new movies in production at the same time.

As reported on Mingpao, the actor who was filming a robbery scene, admitted that it was challenging to work in the summer.

"Since it's a movie set in winter time, it was hard to be in a leather jacket in the hot sun. It is fine when you have air-conditioner inside, but working outside is unbearable," he said.

When asked if it was challenging doing the scene, Louis said it was harder to do the chase scene in another movie, adding that he nearly experienced heat stroke while working under the hot sun.

As to whether he has any issues doing three roles at once, Louis said that he has already worked out a system.

"We would work on one film for several days. I would research my character the night before, and remind myself which character I am playing when shooting starts," he said.

(Photo Source: Louis Koo Instagram)

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