"Masters Of The Universe" finally gets directors on board!

"Masters Of The Universe" finally gets directors on board!

Finally, the "Masters Of The Universe" movie will move forward with the Nee brothers
on directing duties.

20 Apr – By the power of the Grayskull, the "Masters Of The Universe" live-action movie finally finds its directors.

Brothers Aaron and Adam Nee are set to direct the live adaptation of the popular toy line off David Goyer's screenplay, as reported by Variety.

Goyer was previously attached to direct the movie himself, but passed it on to the Nee brothers instead due to scheduling conflicts.

Plans to reboot a "Masters Of The Universe" movie came along in 2007 but suffered through development hell with various directors, screenwriters, and studios coming in and out of the project.

The Nee brothers are relatively new to the industry with indie movies such as "The Last Romantic" and "Band Of Robbers" being some of their early projects before taking on "Masters Of The Universe", which will be their biggest budgeted movie to date.

The "Masters Of The Universe" franchise was created by giant toy company Mattel in 1981 and spawned numerous products which includes a few animated TV series, many comic book issues, and a feature movie in 1987 starring Dolph Lundgren as the heroic main protagonist He-Man.

Fans can expect to see He-Man and his Heroic Warriors on the big screens when it comes out on 18 December 2019.

(Photo source: DC Comics)

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