"All's Well Ends Well 2009" actress commits suicide

"All's Well Ends Well 2009" actress commits suicide

Miki Shum in a scene with Louis Koo in "All's Well Ends Well".

24 Sep – Actress Miki Shum (also known as Shen Lijun), who once co-starred in the Louis Koo movie, "All's Well Ends Well", was revealed to have passed away recently.

As reported on On CC, while the actress' management company confirmed the news that she died earlier this month.

A letter allegedly written by Miki went viral online, saying that her terminal cancer and husband's infidelity were what drove her to commit suicide.

In it, Miki revealed that she learned about her husband's affair while she was pregnant with her first child, and that the mistress had been tormenting her by showing off all that Miki's husband has bought for her.

She also stated that her husband would only buy their kids cheap things while he would go about wearing expensive designer brands, and would only come home to her for money after losing money from gambling. She added that her mother-in-law ignored her issues, and told her to be more tolerant of her husband.

"After the marriage, the only birthday he spent with me was after I was diagnosed with cancer, and he only spent his birthday with me last year on 22 February when I had the operation. He spent his birthdays with the third party, even when the cake came from me."

Finally, she posted, "The road I chose now has left me in a dead end."

On the other hand, Pegasus Films' Raymond Wong stated that he was shocked to hear about her passing. He revealed that he was the one who recommended Miki to work with Louis in the said movie, but haven't heard anything from her since she got married in 2011.

She was 35.

(Photo Source: Mingpao)

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