Francis Ng and Julian Cheung enjoyed filming "The Leaker" in Penang

Francis Ng and Julian Cheung enjoyed filming "The Leaker" in Penang

The filmmaker and cast of "The Leaker".

29 Mar - Hong Kong superstars Francis Ng and Julian Cheung say that shooting their upcoming movie in Malaysia last year has left them with fond memories of the place.

The stars of filmmaker Herman Yau's, "The Leaker", who met with Cinema Online at the recent Hong Kong International Film & TV Market (FILMART), have both been to Malaysia before, and said that filming a high-paced action movie in Penang this time around felt very comfortable and much like home for them.

Julian who plays a Malaysian police chief in the movie, said that the delicious food was one of the things he loved most about working in Penang.

"I remember me and the crew having all kinds of local delicacies and it was great being in Penang," he said.

Francis Ng who plays a Hong Kong officer also agreed with Julian and quipped on, "I have also been to Malaysia many times, mostly to Kuala Lumpur but this time was great as well!"

"I can't wait for everyone in Malaysia to watch the movie that we filmed in your country".

Produced by Hong Kong's Er Dong Pictures and distributed by GSC Movies in Malaysia, "The Leaker" features a number of scenes shot in Malaysia as well as in Hong Kong.

In July last year, the film had already made waves when a car chase scene filmed at Campbell Street, Penang, was thought to be a criminal act caught on tape. It quickly went on to become viral via local news portals as well as social media.

Later it was discovered that the said 'incident' was merely a film shoot.

"Shock Wave" helmer Herman Yau who is no stranger to filming intense action pieces like this, revealed that the production was considering India or Sri Lanka at first, before finally picking Penang for its colonial buildings and charming facade.

"Plus working with the crew in Malaysia who are well versed in Cantonese and also the local language and English is a great plus for me," said Yau.

The movie is about a Malaysian police chief (Julian Cheung) who has to work with a Hong Kong officer (Francis Ng) to locate the wife of a pharmaceutical company's CEO, after an expose on said company unveils that there is a virus created to start an epidemic. Stringing along the investigation is a journalist (Charmaine Sheh) who follows the shocking trails to uncover the truth.

"The Leaker" is expected to come to cinemas this 31 May 2018.

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