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Nick Cheung returns with a new movie with Sean Lau

Nick Cheung is ready for more action.

27 Apr – After being quiet for a year to focus on his directorial effort, Nick Cheung is now back to filming his new movie, "Integrity".

As reported on Oriental Daily, the actor, who appeared at the shooting location for the Alan Mak and Felix Chong movie, shared that he is collaborating with Sean Lau again after the action-thriller, "The White Storm".

"I am honoured [to work with Sean again]. As soon as we took our marks, we had to fight... in a game of pool that is!" he said, jokingly.

Sean stated that since they had to do some scenes near the pool table in the recreation hall, they would use their breaks to play around.

The two of them will also be working alongside Karena Lam, whom Nick had worked with in his directorial effort, "Keeper of Darkness". Karena will play the role of Sean's wife, who is also pursuing Nick's character in order to arrest him.

"She plays my wife, but Nick will have more scenes with her than me," said Sean, jokingly.

"Integrity" will be the first part of the Alan Mak - Felix Chong trilogy project with Emperor Motion Pictures.