Possible sequel for "Surf This Love: Gelora Juara"

Possible sequel for "Surf This Love: Gelora Juara"

Director Waan Hafiz flanked by his "Surf This Love: Gelora Juara" stars Cristina Suzanne and Shukri Yahaya.

20 Feb – Waan Hafiz, director of Malaysia's first surfing movie "Surf This Love: Gelora Juara", teases that a possible sequel could happen if his movie does well at the box office.

At the gala premiere of his latest movie, held at mmCineplexes, eCurve yesterday evening, the director admitted he already has a script for the sequel should the production company, Global Solution Resources, agree to continue telling Billy's (played by Shukri Yahaya) story about his love for surfing.

When asked about certain cliffhangers in the movie, Waan Hafiz said that those scenes were intentional.

"I purposely leave out some details in the movie especially about the Trio Malaya's past for room to explore if we ever get to make a sequel," he said.

"Surf This Love: Gelora Juara" is the first Malaysian movie to centre on surfing.

He also mentioned that if a sequel was to happen, it would be bigger and better than "Surf This Love: Gelora Juara" production-wise.

"But we will see how this movie does at the box office first and if there is any demand for us to continue on with the story," he added.

"Surf This Love: Gelora Juara", riding onto the big screen nationwide this 22 February, is about an aspiring surfer who dreams of becoming the world champion in the extreme sport of surfing while juggling his relationships with his friends and family.

Other than Shukri Yahaya taking on the lead role of the main character Billy, Pekin Ibrahim, Cristina Suzanne, Ardell Aryana, Josiah Hogan, and Syuhaida Abraz also star.

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