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Wong Kar Wai receives honorary degree from Harvard

Writer: Heidi Hsia

Wong Kar Wai at Harvard University.

28 May – Hong Kong renowned filmmaker Wong Kar Wai has received an honourary degree from Harvard University.

As reported on Mingpao, the director, known for movies like "The Grandmaster" and "2046", became the first Asian filmmaker to receive the Doctor of Arts from the prestigious institution that described him as someone who "stands among modern cinema's most influential auteurs."

Speaking to the media after the ceremony - which he attended with wife Chan Ye Cheng, Wong expressed, "I am honoured to be able to receive such courtesy from Harvard, which has almost 400 years of history, and become an alumni with many greats in history like Einstein, Hawking, and Churchill."

He also expressed his gratitude for his family, colleagues and friends, as well as the two cities where he was born and raised.

"I was born in Shanghai, raised in Hong Kong. Today this honour is not only a recognition of my works, but also for my two beloved cities."

(Photo Source: Oriental Daily)

Cinema Online, 28 May 2018