Andy Lau thinks being director is hard work

Andy Lau thinks being director is hard work

Andy Lau shares why he prefers producing over directing.

13 Jul – He may have excelled in his acting and producing job, but according to Andy Lau, he is not ready to take a leap and direct his own movie.

As reported on Mingpao, the actor, who spoke about his latest project as actor-producer for "The White Storm 2: Drug Lords", stated that the most challenging part of his work was managing the budget for the construction of an MTR station set.

"It cost HKD6 million, but it was easier for us to shoot," he said.

He also praised director Herman Yau for helping him in ensuring that the cost of production won't exceed the budget, though admitted that it was also the reason why he thinks he couldn't be a film director.

"Although the producer has to supervise things, being a director means you have to take everything into account. You have to take care of everything. You also have to talk to actors if they encounter a difficult script. It's a hard job," he said.

However, the actor stated that he hopes he could do more to promote Hong Kong films, which is why he will continue to collaborate with new filmmakers.

(Photo source: Mingpao)

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