Namewee reshoots "Banglasia" for Malaysian theatrical release

Namewee reshoots "Banglasia" for Malaysian theatrical release

Producer Fred Chong and director Namewee discussing "Banglasia 2.0" at the
press conference held earlier today.

20 Feb – Five years after it was supposed to open in Malaysian cinemas, Namewee's "Banglasia" is finally getting its long-delayed release.

"Banglasia 2.0" is the title the movie goes by now, due to the fact that it is slightly different from the original movie as some of the scenes have been re-shot and re-edited.

This was done not only to accommodate the approval requirements of Malaysia's Film Censorship Board (LPF) but also to make it more relevant to the country's current political climate following last year's historical general election.

At the press conference held earlier today with director Namewee and producer Fred Chong, to announce the movie's upcoming release in Malaysia, Namewee revealed that there were only seven cuts made to the re-shot movie, compared to the 31 cuts previously suffered by the original movie.

Out of the seven cuts made, most of them were of scenes with homosexual undertone.

The cast, director and producer are excited that the ban on "Banglasia", which now
goes by "Banglasia 2.0", has been lifted.

The director, who doubles as the movie's lead character, admitted that he was both happy and sad that he is able to finally show his movie but not in its full intended version.

However, he took solace in the fact that the original "Banglasia" did make its international premiere at New York Asian Film Festival 2015, its world premiere at Osaka Asian Film Festival 2015 and its third film festival screening at Singapore International Film Festival 2015.

"Banglasia 2.0" will finally open in cinemas nationwide with an 18 rating on 28 February 2019.

Producer Fred Chong said that since the movie has a strong Chinese New Year and festive connection, now is the ideal time to see it. It will not be screened as a Wajib Tayang movie, however, so moviegoers will need to catch what is dubbed as "Malaysia's most controversial comedy" as soon as it's in cinemas.

Aside from Namewee, also starring in the movie are Bangladesh's Nirab Hossain, Singapore's Atikah Shuhaime and Lao Za Bor, and Malaysia's Saiful Apek, Shashi Tharan, Datuk David Arumugam, Jack Lim and Raja Ilya.

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