Celebrities express support for Andy Lau

Celebrities express support for Andy Lau

Andy Lau had to cancel the rest of his Hong Kong concert dates recently.

3 Jan – Celebrities recently expressed their support for Hong Kong Cantopop King Andy Lau, who was heartbroken over having to cancel the rest of his Hong Kong Coliseum leg of his "My Love" tour due to health problems.

As reported on Mingpao, Shu Qi, who went to Hong Kong to watch Andy's performance the night he decided to cut his show short, took to social media to assure the singer that everybody understands.

"We know that you were fighting all the way, working hard to stand on the stage again. We also know that you are sad that you had to stop, so don't blame yourself. To see you cry made us fans sad as well," she wrote.

Cheryl Yang, who was deeply affected by how disappointed Andy looked, posted, "You really did your best. You have to take good care of your body now."

Supermodel Qi Qi posted, "A truly dedicated idol. I wish you a quick recovery", while Jeana Ho expressed, "Thank you for your strength and support. A true hero.

Hong Kong diva Joey Yung also took to social media to show her support for Andy, writing, "Andy, you're the strongest man in my heart. I wish you a speedy recovery. Take a break. Don't worry."

(Photo Source: My Love Andy Lau World Tour Instagram)

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