Dylan O'Brien added to Antoine Fuqua's action thriller

Dylan O'Brien added to Antoine Fuqua's action thriller

Dylan O'Brien is set for another action thriller.

30 Aug – "Maze Runner" star Dylan O'Brien is the latest addition to the Antoine Fuqua-helmed action thriller, "Infinite".

The 28-year-old joins a cast that includes English actress Sophie Cookson ("Kingsman: The Secret Service") and led by Mark Wahlberg, as reported by Variety.

O'Brien's role in the movie is unspecified. He might be a part of the Cognomina, a secret society of near-immortal men and women who have complete memories of their past lives. They are reincarnated century after century in order to defeat an evil mastermind who plans to destroy the planet.

A man suffering from schizophrenia, who will have to learn that his vivid dreams are memories of two past lives, decides to join the centuries-old society after stumbling upon it.

Mark Wahlberg took over the starring role in "Infinite" when Chris Evans exited the project
(Photo source: The Hollywood Reporter | Vera Anderson/WireImage | Steve Granitz/WireImage).

Wahlberg is set to star as the man. The actor stepped in for the role after Chris Evans dropped out due to scheduling conflicts with his Apple TV series, "Defending Jacob". Evans has been on high demand ever since ending his run as MCU's Captain America, he previously had to drop out of Netflix's drama film "Devil All the Time", also due to the aforementioned Apple series.

As for O'Brien, he was last seen reprising his leading role in "Maze Runner: The Death Cure" and also voiced the titular Autobot in "Bumblebee", both movies released last year. His upcoming works include starring in next year's comedy "Monster Problems" and as the title character in the still undated "The Education of Fredrick Fitzell".

He will begin filming "Infinite" this fall, with the movie's North American release date slated for 7 August 2020.

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