James Wan teams up with "It" writer to produce vampire movie

James Wan teams up with "It" writer to produce vampire movie

"Salem's Lot" has several TV movie adaptations but Wan and Dauberman's version will be
the first big screen adaptation.

25 Apr - Once again James Wan will be teaming up with long-time collaborator Gary Dauberman to adapt Stephen King's "Salem's Lot" to the big screen.

Wan will produce the vampire movie alongside Roy Lee and Mark Wolper, while Dauberman will be writing the script and also serve as executive produce, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

No director is attached to the project at the moment but since both Wan and Dauberman have experience directing horror movies, they could step in as the helmer.

The duo are no stranger to each other since both have worked together on several movies in New Line's "The Conjuring" Universe. Dauberman was mostly involved in a writing capacity in that franchise but he will be making his directorial debut with this June's "Annabelle Comes Home".

James Wan and Gary Dauberman can bring a lot to the "Salem's Lot" movie adaptation
(Photo source: The Hollywood Reporter).

Dauberman's touch could give "Salem's Lot" the same success as "It", another Stephen King novel-to-movie adaptation which he also penned, along with the upcoming sequel "It: Chapter 2".

As for Wan, he is also producing another movie based on a Stephen King novel. Called "The Tommyknockers", he was originally reported as the director for the movie but was later confirmed that he would be involved as a producer instead.

"Salem's Lot" follows an author who returns to his hometown to write about an abandoned mansion there. As it turns out, the house has been bought by a mysterious man from Europe. The author realises that at the same time, the people in the small town are slowly turning into vampires.

This will be the first movie adaptation of the 1975 novel.

Previously, it was adapted into a 1979 two-part TV miniseries, which received a TV movie sequel in 1987. Its most recent adaptation was yet another two-part TV miniseries in 2004.

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