Local movie content continues growing on Netflix

Local movie content continues growing on Netflix

Netflix has steadily been adding more local movies to its roster.

1 Mar - Ever since its launch in Malaysia less than two years ago, American streaming giant Netflix has been picking up rights to local productions, specifically feature films, to be made available on its online platform.

Most recently, Netflix has added "Rise: Ini Kalilah" to its roster of local movies.

The movie, which focuses on the lives of six individuals during Malaysia's historical May 2018 General Election, has been made available for streaming on Netflix since 26 February, more than five months since it opened in cinemas nationwide on 13 September last year.

While still a small number, the local movie content available on Netflix is slowly growing.

Aside from "Rise: Ini Kalilah", here are several other Malaysian movies that can be streamed on Netflix at the moment:
1) "Pulang" (2018) – Kabir Bhatia's biographical drama starring Remy Ishak
2) "One Two Jaga" (2018) – Nam Ron's crime drama produced by Bront Palarae
3) "Rembat" (2015) – Football-themed comedy starring Ah Niu and Shaheizy Sam
4) "Kl Zombi" (2013) – Zombie horror comedy directed by Woo Ming Jin
5) "Adnan Sempit 3" (2013) – Action comedy starring Shaheizy Sam
6) "Aku Terima Nikahnya" (2012) – Eyra Rahman's romantic drama starring Nora Danish and Adi Putra

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