Simon Yam on knife assault: It happened in a flash!

Simon Yam on knife assault: It happened in a flash!

Simon Yam reacted instinctively during the attack that left with him with a stab wound.

30 Jul – Hong Kong actor Simon Yam recently admitted that he wasn't thinking of anything when he was attacked with a knife in the incident that occurred in Zhongshan on 20 July.

As reported on Epoch Times, the actor, who spoke to the Hong Kong media about the attack after leaving the hospital last week, stated that his brain went blank when it happened.

"Everything happened in a flash. The instinctive reaction was to try and stop the knife from getting deeper into my body. I don't even know how the hand was injured," he said.

Simon also stated that he remained calm throughout the incident, but that wife Qi Qi was emotional after she found out about it.

However, when asked if the incident would leave a psychological impact on him, Simon could not confidently say no.

"There must be, because there are flashbacks. I hope the security would do a better job the next time one attends to events or do movies," he said.

(Photo source: AFP/Mandy Cheng)

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