"BoBoiBoy Movie 3" is on the cards

"BoBoiBoy Movie 3" is on the cards

"BoBoiBoy" proves that Malaysian animation is now on a par with Hollywood animation.
"BoBoiBoy" proves that Malaysian animation is now on a par with Hollywood animation.

18 Jun – Since the first day "BoBoiBoy Movie 2" (BBBM2) was screened simultaneously in five different countries, the reception towards it had been so phenomenal that it managed to set a new record with its RM30 million box office collection, making it the highest-grossing Malaysian animated film in history.

Even though a year has passed, the film by animation studio Animonsta Studios (Monsta) continues making the nation proud worldwide with the many awards and recognitions it's amassed.

Recently, BBMM2 was listed as among the finalists of the Best Animated Film category at Italy's Florence Film Awards and the Best 3D Animation category at the New York Animation Film Awards 2020.

The latest nominations were announced after BBMM2 has just nabbed two awards from the Laurus Film Festival in Russia, for Best Poster and Best Trailer.

"I'm very grateful for the success that BBMM2 has achieved. I personally, nor the Monsta team, never hoped to win any prizes because what's important was for us to introduce our animation to the world. If we win, that's a bonus to us," said Nizam to Cinema Online.

When asked whether Monsta has any plans to produce a "BoBoiBoy" trilogy, considering the phenomenal reception that the animation has received, Nizam said that they are already planning it.

"After the extraordinary success of BBMM2, we did plan to produce a third "BoBoiBoy" movie, but at the moment that is not our priority because we have a new animated film, "Mechamato", which was supposed to be released this year but has to be postponed to 2021 due to the COVID-19 pandemic."

He added that at the moment, they are unable to confirm a new release date for "Mechamato", since the situation has yet to fully recover and cinemas nationwide still remain closed.

"Mechamato" is a prequel to "BoBoiBoy", which tells the story of BoBoiBoy's father.

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