"Daulat" sequel is in the works?

"Daulat" sequel is in the works?

> There's already an idea and storyline for the sequel to
There's already an idea and storyline for the sequel to "Daulat".

8 Apr - Those who have been anticipating the release of political thriller film "Daulat" finally got to watch the movie after it was released on Malaysia's streaming platform iflix last Monday.

Based on the posts on Twitter, many film enthusiasts, celebrities and local filmmakers gave high ratings and left positive feedbacks after watching it.

"Congratulations to the "Daulat" production team for successfully making a political movie that's entertaining. It has the best opening title sequence that I've ever seen in a local movie.

"I hope that Imran Sheik will continue making movies after this because it will definitely be great," Razaisyam Rashid, director of "Pusaka", posted.

Singer-actress Adibah Noor also expressed her excitement after watching "Daulat" and congratulated the movie's production team.

"Congratulations to everyone involved, whether in front of or behind the camera," she wrote.

Meanwhile, on the movie's official Twitter, the production team revealed that there is already an idea and storyline for a sequel, and #Daulat2 has started going viral on Twitter.

"We're touched by those who give us 10/10 ratings. Thank you. Our movie isn't as perfect as that.

"There are flaws due to budget and time restrictions. Using our own money, we shot for 14 days only. But we also thank those who give us constructive criticism.

"It's constructive criticisms like these that will give us the guidance for our future works. Hopefully there will be a "Daulat 2"," it was posted on the movie's Twitter.

A feature directorial debut by Imran Sheik, who previously produced the drama series "Jibril", "Daulat" was made on a low budget of RM500 thousand but the outcome proves to be of high quality.

"Daulat" stars renowned local actors like Tony Eusoff, Vanidah Imran, Rashidi Ishak, Christina Suzanne, Zul Zamir and Jasmine Suraya.

For those who haven't watched it, you can catch it on iflix as it will be screened exclusively on the streaming platform for six months.