eWayang: Watch movies while giving to charity

eWayang: Watch movies while giving to charity

 eWayang is also collaborating with PFM to help the Malaysian film industry.
eWayang is also collaborating with PFM to help the Malaysian film industry.

25 Nov – Malaysian movie streaming platform, eWayang.com, not only provides viewers the comfort of watching movies from their homes, but also allows them to do good deeds while doing so.

For every movie ticket worth RM15, RM1 from it will be donated to the COVID-19 fund to help lessen the burden of the Malaysian government and the Ministry of Health Malaysia (KKM).

According to eWayang Project Manager, DjPool Soul Masters, aside from assisting the government and KKM, the platform will also be a medium for film producers to show their movies, through their recent collaboration with the Malaysian Film Producers Association (PFM).

"I believe that viewers' contributions can be used to help KKM. We fully support the government's effort to curb the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic".

"We're only taking RM1 from tickets priced at RM15 through every purchase of film on ewayang.com. it's nothing burdensome," he said, as quoted by BH Online.

Watch movies while doing charity via eWayang!

The eWayang platform was launched during the early days of the Movement Control Order (MCO) and to date, it has been receiving positive support not only from Malaysia, but also Singapore, Japan, America, Brunei and Indonesia.

Now the platform has more than 10 movies, such as "Bangunan", "Kisah Paling Gengster", "Azura" and "Jengka", and upcoming titles will include "Wangi", "Geran", "Interchange" and "Spinning Gasing".

The first movie to be screened on the platform was the Izan Hailmey Mokhtar-helmed "TyIcKooUnS", which focuses on social issues.

The movie features cast members from Malaysia and Indonesia, such as Datuk Aaron Aziz, Remy Ishak, Bront Palarae, Anzalna Nasir, Derry Darajat, Temon Templer, Jaim Al Rashid and Anggun.

DjPool also stated that they are planning to show documentary films to add on to the film genres that are available on the platform.

Aside from giving to charity, viewers will also get the chance to win special prizes worth RM250,000. The 10,000th viewer to purchase a ticket will win a Perodua Bezza.

(Photo source: eWayang's Facebook)