FINAS investigates the selling of pirated films via e-commerce platform

FINAS investigates the selling of pirated films via e-commerce platform

Sharad Malhotra jadi pilihan watak antagonis kerana bentuk tubuhnya yang tegap.
Ahmad Idham stressed that FINAS will take legal action on e-commerce platforms that sell pirated local films.

5 Aug – The National Film Development Corporation (FINAS) is investigating a popular e-commerce platform that was found selling pirated Malaysian films.

FINAS CEO, Ahmad Idham Ahmad Nadzri, said that they have contacted the e-commerce platform involved and the seller of the films but have yet to receive any reply.

"FINAS has went to the e-commerce company's office after receiving complaints from several producers. However, the office was closed.

"The e-commerce company requested FINAS to send an e-mail. We have sent it but did not receive any response.

"FINAS gave them a deadline until yesterday evening. If the e-commerce company refuses to cooperate, we will have to request for a warrant from the court," he said, as reported on BH Online.

Ahmad Idham added that FINAS will take legal action under the Copyright Act 1987 if the e-commerce company does not possess a distributing license and has not received permission to distribute from the producers.

Reportedly, the three movies found sold on the e-commerce platform were ones recently released on Astro First, "Keluarga Iskandar The Movie", "Town Mall" and "Ada Apa Dengan Dosa", for a price of as low as RM1.

After making the payment, the buyers will be given a link or a disc. However, recent checks show that the e-commerce platform has removed all three movies.

(Photo source: Ahmad Idham's Instagram)

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