"Inception" re-releasing in local cinemas ahead of "Tenet"

"Inception" re-releasing in local cinemas ahead of "Tenet"

"Inception" was first released in cinemas on 15 July 2010.
"Inception" was first released in cinemas on 15 July 2010.

23 Jun – Remember that mind-boggling Christopher Nolan movie from a decade ago? It's about to boggle our minds again next month.

Warner Bros. Malaysia just yesterday posted on Facebook a photo of the film's iconic spinning top, accompanied by the date 16 July 2020.

That simple post is enough to tell movie lovers that "Inception" will be coming back to local cinemas next month.

Fans will get to watch the movie again in IMAX, in fact, as TGV Cinemas announced on its Facebook with a similarly simple, straight-to-the-point post. Other cinemas have yet to post any update regarding it at the time of writing but it could be expected that "Inception" will screen in most local cinemas ahead of the nationwide release of "Tenet".

Will "Tenet" have any connection to "Inception"?

Warner Bros.' plan to re-release "Inception" in cinemas was first revealed last week, though at the time it was only announced for North American cinemas and it will be re-screened exactly 10 years after its 15 July 2010 release there.

The American re-release is described as a special anniversary theatrical event that will include never-before-seen footage from the highly anticipated "Tenet".

New footage from the studio's other upcoming titles, such as "Wonder Woman 1984", "Godzilla vs. Kong" and "Dune" are also expected to be shared during the event.

It is speculated that the plot of "Inception" will be connected to "Tenet", hence why the former is screening in cinemas again and why the latter is scheduled to open in cinemas this July.

"Tenet" did face a slight postponement recently, but its new date is still within next month. Originally set for release in North America on 17 July, it has been pushed to 31 July, which means over on this side of the world we will be watching "Tenet" on 30 July 2020.

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