These Indonesian martial arts stars are joining "Jailbreak" sequel

These Indonesian martial arts stars are joining "Jailbreak" sequel

Yayan Ruhian (L) and Cecep Arif Rahman (R) will both be in "Jailbreak" sequel – though, sadly, not Iko Uwais (middle) too.
Yayan Ruhian (L) and Cecep Arif Rahman (R) will both be in "Jailbreak"
sequel – though, sadly, not Iko Uwais (middle) too.

26 Jun – Will "Jailbreak 2" be a battle between two different styles of traditional Southeast Asian martial arts?

The question will be answered when the sequel hits the big screen! Though the exact release date is still unknown since it will only begin production in 2021.

The Hollywood Reporter brought word that director Jimmy Henderson will be back to helm the sequel, with Jean Paul Ly, Dara Our and Tharoth Sam returning to star.

Also joining them in the upcoming movie, which currently goes by the title "Jailbreak: Round 2", are Indonesian martial arts stars Yayan Ruhian and Cecep Arif Rahman.

This won't be the duo's first gig together as they've both previously worked on Indonesia's much praised "The Raid" franchise and Hollywood titles such as "Star Wars: The Force Awakens" and "John Wick: Chapter 3 – Parabellum".

Their inclusion in the movie could signal the involvement of Indonesia's Silat. It is known that they will be portraying villains, so they could use their Silat skills to go up against Cambodia's Bokator.

Get ready to (possibly) see Silat vs. Bokator in "Jailbreak: Round 2"!

The story, written by Kai Miller, follows a ragtag, renegade team of Cambodian martial arts commandos working together to take down a fugitive crime lord "lodged atop 30 floors of hell," as described by returning producer Loy Te.

Te's Kongchak Pictures will be producing the sequel, with additional financing from Westec Media. Cambodia's Song Te and Malaysia's Michael Chai serve as executive producers.

"Jailbreak" was released in Cambodian cinemas in January 2017 and later headed to other markets including South Korea, Hong Kong and Malaysia. It was also screened at various international film festivals and in 2018 was made available on Netflix.

In the meantime, while fans wait to catch Yayan Ruhian and Cecep Arif in action in the "Jailbreak" sequel, they can re-watch them in their abovementioned Indonesian and Hollywood movies. Fans can also watch Yayan in the Malaysian action film "Wira", also available on Netflix now, and look out for him next in another Malaysian film, the Syamsul Yusof-helmed "Mat Kilau".

(Photo source: Antara | Muhammad Adimaja)

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