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"M4M4" rakes in RM2.5 million after two weeks

One of the heartbreaking scenes in "M4M4".
One of the heartbreaking scenes in "M4M4".

21 Feb – Horror thriller "M4M4" proves to be a great film when it successfully rakes in RM2.5 million after two weeks of screening in cinemas.

Even though the film writer, Datin Norliza Samion, didn't set high hopes for the box office collection, she is nevertheless grateful and excited by the positive reception towards "M4M4".

"Of course I feel happy with the positive reception from local fans. Despite the concerns of COVID-19, moviegoers still go out to watch the film.

""M4M4's" unique and strong storyline is the main reason why they are showing support by watching the movie.

She added that another factor contributing to the favourable reception from audiences is those who have watched the movie shared positive comments on their social media, thus encouraging others to watch it too.

The Eyra Rahman-directed movie, which was released on 6 February, stars Nabila Huda, Bella Dowanna, Faizal Hussein, Kodi Rasheed, Niezam Zaidi and many more.

Norliza also revealed that Da Motion Media is currently planning a sequel, "M4M4 2".

"We can maybe do a story of what happens after the mother's revenge, all this is still in the early stages of our "M4M4 2" planning."

Currently, "M4M4" has entered its third week of screening and continues to play in 101 cinemas nationwide.

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