"Mulan" delays release in more territories

"Mulan" delays release in more territories

"Mulan" has delayed its release in other territories apart from the previously announced China, South Korea and Japan.
"Mulan" has delayed its release in other territories apart from
the previously announced China, South Korea and Japan.

13 Mar – Disney recently announced that it has decided to postpone the release of their new movies, which include the highly-anticipated live-action film, "Mulan".

In a statement that was released by the studio, Disney stated that due to the rapid evolving situation concerning coronavirus (COVID-19), the studio has decided that the movie – as well as two April films, "New Mutants" and "Antlers" – will be postponed out of an abundance of caution.

"We truly believe in the movie-going experience and we are looking at new potential 2020 release dates to be announced at a later date," the statement added.

The movie, which is a remake of the 1998 animated feature based on the Chinese legend, was originally set to open in cinemas this month. Its release was postponed earlier this month only in China, South Korea and Japan but current situation forces the movie to now be delayed in other territories as well.

Director Niki Caro has also took to Instagram to express her thoughts about the postponement, writing, "We are so excited to share this film with the world, but given the current ever-shifting circumstances we are all experiencing, unfortunately, we have to postpone the worldwide release of MULAN for now.

"Our hearts are with everyone the world over who is affected by this virus, and we hope that Mulan's fighting spirit will continue to inspire those who are working so hard to keep us all safe."

"Thank you for all of your enthusiasm and support, and I can't wait for the day where we will all get to experience this tale of a girl warrior who became a legend."

"The New Mutants" has been delayed for the fourth time.

As for "The New Mutants", these super-powered youngsters just can't catch a break. This is the fourth time that the movie has been delayed.

After the movie was announced in 2015 with plans for release in April 2018, it was later pushed to February 2019 to avoid "Deadpool 2". It was again pushed to August 2019 to avoid "Dark Phoenix" but was then delayed to April 2020 following Disney's acquisition of Fox.

Disney's next big movie is "Black Widow", though it is unknown at the moment if the Scarlett Johansson-starrer will still open this May.

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