Namewee intentionally imitates Andy Lau in song, "The Great Wall"

Namewee intentionally imitates Andy Lau in song, "The Great Wall"

Namewee calls his latest single "a tribute to Andy Lau from Endy Lau".

2 Mar – Namewee recently re-released his song "The Great Wall", four years after composing it for the Zhang Yimou movie of the same name, in which he imitates the singing style of Cantopop King Andy Lau.

As reported on Epoch Times, the Malaysian singer, who spoke about the music video that was uploaded on 29 February, stated that he received an email a few years back about writing a song for the film, though was given a same-day deadline.

Namewee stated that he asked for it to be extended for two more days while he tried his best to complete it.

He proceeded to write the song in one day, recorded it, completed the mixing and arrangements, and sent it to the film company. However, it was too late, as they decided to use Wang Leehom's song instead.

The singer stated that he didn't want to waste the song, thus with lead actor Andy Lau in mind as the one singing it, decided to imitate the Cantopop superstar's style in his singing and uploaded the song on the internet, which attracted a lot of attention.

This time, Namewee created a special music video as a way to relaunch the song.

"When I composed the song, I thought of Andy Lau, and considered his singing method. I have enjoyed imitating Andy Lau since I was a child and people would laugh whenever they hear it," he said, adding that it was a tribute to the Cantopop Heavenly King.

The singer also stated that the song will be included in his new album, which he said will be a tribute to many people and phenomenon. It will also include his previous song "China Reggaeton", which features Anthony Wong.

To those who haven't seen the music video for "The Great Wall", hit the play button below to watch.

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