Nevin Hiong shares spooky tales from "Miimaland" set

Nevin Hiong shares spooky tales from "Miimaland" set

Nevin Hiong admits he was interested in telling the mysterious tale behind Mimaland.
Nevin Hiong admits he was interested in telling the mysterious tale behind Mimaland.

15 Sep – Making a horror movie is not something easy for filmmakers since it is a genre favoured by filmmakers across the globe, hence the new ideas instilled in their movies must be something truly relevant.

According to Nevin Hiong, director of new horror movie "Miimaland", his previous experience as a director of photography who was often involved in shooting projects done at theme park Mimaland was the main reason why he became interested in making the movie.

"Actually, the idea for the story came from the movie title itself. I wanted to produce a story based on Mimaland because I think that there are a lot of mysteries behind the theme park.

"From there, I continued the storyline with my own idea. The two "i" letters in the movie title also represent two children," he said at the "Miimaland" gala premiere held recently at mmCineplexes eCurve, Petaling Jaya.

The director, cast and crew of "Miimaland" who attended the gala premiere.

Nevin added that he and his cast and crew members also experienced mystical disturbances, which happened throughout their filming at the theme park.

"When we were filming the accident scene, the car that we were using suddenly broke. Apart from that, two of our makeup artists were possessed and started screaming that they wanted to enter Mimaland as we were filming a scene at the main entrance.

"We also took a photo of four female actresses and when we checked the photo, we saw a mysterious figure behind one of them. This is our first time encountering such experience," he said.

Talking about the cast, Fattah Amin was Nevin's main choice because he wanted to display a different side of the actor, who was always more known for playing romantic characters.

Aside from Fattah, the RM2.5 million movie also features the likes of Sophie Koshka, Camelia Natasya, Zalif Sidek, Farah Ahmad, Esdher Wang and Hazzy Alzeeq in its cast.

"Miimaland" is the second directorial effort from Nevin, after his action comedy "Kampung Drift". Filming, which begun on 10 September 2019 and took place for 25 days, was done around Mimaland, Gombak and Mossy Forest, Pahang.

The movie was originally scheduled for theatrical release a few months ago on 4 June. But it had to be postponed to this 24 September following the temporary closure of cinemas due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

In related news, Nevin will soon produce a movie called "Kulit Wayang", which will be directed by Dain Said. As the script has been completed, pre-production is expected to begin at the end of this year.

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