"Raging Fire" coming to cinemas on 2 December

"Raging Fire" coming to cinemas on 2 December

Get ready to be blown away
Get ready to be blown away

1 Dec – After much anticipation, the new Donnie Yen and Nicholas Tse action flick "Raging Fire" is finally coming to cinemas near you!

The movie, which is also the last film helmed by director Benny Chan prior to his passing, will be released in Malaysian cinemas beginning 2 December.

Calling it his most satisfying action flick yet, Donnie shared, "In the last decade, I have filmed many "Ip Man" movies and that the character has been loved by so many over the years that it is easy for the audience to only automatically associate me as "Ip Man". What everyone forgets, including producers, is that I love modern cop action movies the most. Since "SPL" and "Flashpoint", I have been looking for a partner to work on a next modern action movie when I had a chance meeting with the late Director Benny Chan."

"Initially Benny Chan and I wanted to shoot a movie about drug lord and drug trafficking in Mexico with the plan to shoot the movie in Mexico. We even went to Mexico for location visit. However due to budget constraints we had to cancel our plan and I suggested we shoot a cop action movie instead and "Raging Fire" was born," he said.

Benny Chan's last movie before his passing

It is noted that Donnie is not only playing one of the leads in the film, but also produced and played the role of the action director as well.

The film has already received tons of praises from audiences and critics alike, even getting a 100 percent audience score on Rotten Tomato.

Despite the many gun fight scenes, Donnie said that it was the baton vs knife fight with Nicholas Tse that became the favourite.

"When I first thought about this sequence, I reminisced back to the iconic fight between myself and Wu Jing in "SPL". I know I had to create something as impactful yet difference for Nicholas Tse and my fight in "Raging Fire". But is it a great challenge due to Wu Jing's martial arts background. When I proposed the fight sequence to Director and Nicholas, both were silent as it was extremely difficult scene! In the end Nicholas Tse said, "Of course it is impossible to be compared to Wu Jing. It would be great if it can surpass it but if you can perform an equally impressive scene, it is considered a win". Though Nicholas does not have martial arts background, he has acted in many action movies and has honed his skills to be a formidable and talented actor," he said.

The martial arts actor also has a special message for his Malaysian fans, saying, "I have always been very grateful for the love from Malaysian fans. From "Ip Man" until now, everyone has been extremely supportive. Because of everyone's enthusiasm, I am very happy every time I get the chance to come over to Malaysia to promote my movies. It is a pity that because of the pandemic, Raging Fire's release in Malaysian cinemas has been delayed, and it is impossible for me to come to Malaysia to promote the movie in person. I hope that I can meet you all soon after the pandemic situation stabilises."

"Meanwhile please watch Nicholas Tse and I in the explosive action-packed movie, "Raging Fire", directed by Benny Chan in Malaysian cinemas 2nd December. Make sure you keep yourself safe, wear a mask," he added.

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