Stephen King's "Firestarter" to begin filming in June?

Stephen King's "Firestarter" to begin filming in June?

A remake of Stephen King's "Firestarter" is on the way.
A remake of Stephen King's "Firestarter" is on the way.

14 Apr – It looks like the remake of Stephen King thriller "Firestarter" will finally begin filming.

Sources revealed that the project, which has been in the works all the way back since 2010, will start production in June this year, though no news as to when it will be released.

Producer Akiva Goldman revealed that they are going ahead with the project in a previous interview, saying, "Firestarter is one of the last great, either unmade or un-remade, Stephen King novels that have become classics. There are things I will never forget from the original movie. But it diverged from the book significantly. So Scott Teems - who is a really wonderful writer - wrote this terrific script which is much closer to the novel in both incident and tone. We start shooting, I want to say, in 12 weeks."

Drew Barrymore was nine years old when she starred in the original "Firestarter".

"Firestarter was always some of Stephen's most intimate and affective horror, and I think pyrokinesis is a really fascinating idea when it comes to the expression of hidden feelings," he added.

The original adaptation, which was released in 1984, stars young Drew Barrymore as the titular character, but failed to gain audiences' interest and did not impress King in the slightest.

Stephen King once stated that the original movie was "flavourless"

King's 1980 novel focuses on a young girl called Charlie, whose pyrokinetic abilities forces her and her father Andy to run after it attracts the attention of the U.S. government's Department of Scientific Intelligence (aka The Shop).

Back in September 2020, it was reported that Zac Efron would be joining the project as Andy.

Zac Efron confirms participation in September 2020

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