Netflix to produce "Gundam" alongside Legendary Pictures

Netflix to produce "Gundam" alongside Legendary Pictures

"Gundam" movie will be coming soon on Netflix!
"Gundam" movie will be coming soon on Netflix!

14 Apr – Netflix is on the roll. After announcing that it has inked a deal with Sony Pictures, it was revealed that the streaming giant has also landed Legendary's upcoming live-action project of the Japanese mecha franchise, "Gundam".

Sources revealed that the upcoming movie will be written by comic book and television writer Brian K. Vaughan, known for his work in "Lost", "Under the Dome", and "Ex Machina", while the directing duty has been given to "Kong: Skull Island" director Jordan Vogt-Roberts. No news as to when it will be released.

Fans of Japanese mecha will be looking forward to the 'Gundam" live-action movie

The original "Gundam" created by Japanese studio Sunrise and Yoshiyuki Tomino was first launched in 1979 as anime series, "Mobile Gundam Suit". It had since spurred multiple TV series, novels, manga, video games, plastic models and toys. It had also made a cameo in Steven Spielberg's previous movie, "Ready Player One".

While the plot of the upcoming movie is still under wraps, the original franchise revolves around an era in which human beings emigrate to space colonies only to launch a war of independence using mobile suits against the people living on earth.

"Kong: Skull Island" director Jordan Vogt-Roberts will be helming the much anticipated "Gundam" movie.

The first Gundam anime series was launched in 1979

Gundam plastic models was (and still is) all the rage

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