Longhouse Films working with Adrian Teh for "Bakara"

Longhouse Films working with Adrian Teh for "Bakara"

The  people  behind Longhouse Films production company.
Adrian Teh and the people behind Longhouse Films production company.

20 Jan – Film investment and production company Longhouse Films will working alongside director Adrian Teh for his upcoming action film "Bakara", which is due to begin productions this year.

Adrian, who is the Chief Executive Officer of Act 2 Pictures, expressed his excitement and gratitude to be receiving the full support of Longhouse Films as well as the Malaysian Armed Forces (TDM) in the making of the film.

"Bakara" is based on a true story of an incident that took place in Somalia in 1993. The Malaysian Battalion (MALBATT) was tasked with a mission to rescue the American army that was surrounded by Somalian militants at Bakara Market, Mogadishu.

"Bakara" will begin shooting in June this year and will make its way to international theatres in the United States and China upon completion in summer of 2022.

Scheduled for a 31 August 2022 release, the movie boasts of a lineup of talents such as Bront Palarae, Hairul Azreen, Remy Ishak, Shaheizy Sam, Fauzi Nawawi and many others.

Additionally, Longhouse Films is also involved in the investment and production of the action-film "Ada Hantu", the directorial debut of Hairul Azreen; "The Assistant" featuring Syamsul Yusof and Hairul Azreen, as well as Malaysia's sitcom "My Ofis".

Longhouse Films, as the distributor for the Zhang Yimou-produced Chinese anthology film "My People, My Homeland", hosted its Malaysian premiere last year in the midst of the pandemic. The film was China's second highest grossing film of 2020.

On the global front, Longhouse Films is the distributor of the animated film "Monkey King: A Hero's Journey to the West," directed by former Disney animator Chris Bradley with Marvel Studio character designer Walter A. McDaniel as art director. It is slated for release in May this year.

Other productions in the pipeline include Korean romcom "Transit Tour", Chinese animation "The Legend of Er Lang" - a series adaptation of the best-selling novel by Ning Hangyi, "Foul of the Game Must Be Series', romance series "Dear Mayang Street", and "Hello Mr. Actor" - the sequel of "Hello Mr. Billionaire".

Founded in 2019 by Sarawak-born Jon Chiew, Longhouse Films aims and envisions promoting and elevating the Malaysian film industry onto international levels.

Jon, who has worked with major studios like 20th Century Fox, Universal Pictures and Sony Pictures, has been involved in over 20 films including the box office hit "Hello Mr. Billionaire".

Managing director Dianne Tan is responsible for enhancing the studio's intellectual property rights, distribution networks, investments, and brand management.

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