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Rosyam Nor promotes himself to Chinese community with "G Storm"

Writer: Heidi Hsia

The actor plays a villain opposite Louis Koo in "G Storm"
The actor plays a villain opposite Louis Koo in "G Storm"

31 Dec – Honoured to be offered a role in the Hong Kong action movie, "G Storm", Datuk Rosyam Nor recently expressed hope that his appearance in the movie will enable him to promote himself to Chinese audiences.

The actor, who spoke about his involvement in the movie, shared that he had received positive reactions from the Chinese community in Malaysia when the poster and trailer from the movie were posted on YouTube.

"After appearing in the previous Tamil movie, "Kabali" [in 2016]. I became more known among the Indian community in Malaysia. After appearing in the promotion of this film, I have also received a lot of coverage not only from the Malay-language media, but also the Chinese media," he said.

"I hope that my appearance in this film will further strengthen the brand of Rosyam Nor and at the same time introduce my name to the film audience among the Chinese community in Malaysia," he said.

The movie releases on 31 December

Being recognised has its perks as well, said Rosyam, who revealed that the owner of a shop selling waterjets decided to sponsor a total of 19 of the machines after recognising him. The machines were then used to help flood victims clean up their homes.

"G Storm", which is the fifth and final instalment of the Storm series that started with 2014's "Z Storm". It stars Louis Koo as ICAC investigator William Luk, this time investigating a case in the Immigration Department which links to an international human trafficking ring.

Rosyam will play the role of King, the leader of the international human trafficking ring. Other cast members include Julian Cheung, Kevin Cheng, Jessica Hsuan, Bosco Wong and Michael Tse.

The upcoming movie will be released on 31 December.

Cinema Online, 31 December 2021

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