Shah Rukh Khan wants to star in Alia Bhatt's next production

Shah Rukh Khan wants to star in Alia Bhatt's next production

Fans are going Awwww as SRK supports Alia
Fans are going Awwww as SRK supports Alia

6 Jul – Alia Bhatt is now in the middle of shooting her first production, and already a top star is offering himself for her next project.

On 3 July, the actress posted a photo from day one of her first time ever producing a movie, tweeting, "My first film as a producer but I will always be an actor first and forever (in this case a very nervous actor). I don't know what it is... a night before I start a new film I get this nervous tingling energy all over my body.. I dream all night about messing up my lines... become jumpy... reach set 15 mins before time fearing I'll be late!"

"I guess this feeling will never go away... and it shouldn't - because being nervous.. and feeling unsure means you really really care," she added.

Alia's Day 1 as a producer was full of jitters

Shah Rukh later retweeted the photo and wrote, "After this production please sign me up for your next home production little one. I will come in time for the shoot and be very professional... promise!"

Awww... what a sweet man!

It is noted that the movie, which is titled "Darlings" is also co-produced by Shah Rukh's own company, Red Chillies Entertainment, which is why the actor is being very supportive of Alia.

The new movie is being helmed by Jasmeet K Reen and co-stars Vijay Varma and Shefali Shah.

Alia and Shah Rukh have worked in a couple of movies together before, including the actor's own 2016 production, "Dear Zindagi".

Shah Rukh and Alia starred in "Dear Zindagi"

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