Malaysian night sky to be alight with the Bat-signal!

Malaysian night sky to be alight with the Bat-signal!

Behold the Bat-signal!
Behold the Bat-signal!

1 Mar – In conjunction with the release of the highly-anticipated cape crusader, "The Batman", Warner Bros. has decided to deploy a laser sky projection in Malaysia.

And if it's what you think, yes, the Batman signal will be lighting up the night sky beginning 1 March for three whole days in three different locations, so you too, can experience the elation felt by Gotham citizens at seeing the signal!

The first one will be deployed at Ground Floor, Water Feature Sunway Pyramid, from 7PM to 10PM, followed by KL's Sunway Putra on the 2 March, and then at Bukit Bintang on 3 March.

But that's not all. There will be more events to be held in celebration of the release of "The Batman" from 1 - 20 March at Sunway Pyramid's Ground Floor Water Feature, which include:

Batman Corner

This is an impressive section designed with official assets from Warner Bros. that allow visitors to delve deep into the universe of Batman. Visit the exhibition that has been set up to display the Batman cowl, batarang and localised Batman Wayang Kulit from Warner Bros. Aside from the amazing exhibition, visitors get to also have fun at the engagement zone that is designed with a Wayne Mansion concept where the family crest is placed. Inside this area, gamers get to play Batman video games that involve defeating villains to keep Gotham City safe as well as exploring the Batman's cave as Bruce Wayne.

The Riddler Corner

This section is filled with elements related to The Riddler's riddles. It is a replicate of the place from the iconic scene in the movie, turning the area as a perfect photo opportunity. Visitors can drop by at The Riddler Corner Bar where anyone who successfully finds the clue to unlock the riddles at the Shadow of Gotham game will be entitled to redeem (1) one free cup of Batman drink sponsored by Nescafe Dolce Gusto.

Gotham City

Walk around the tall skyscraper city landscape of Gotham with the top of the area built from a combination of mixed light boxes and LED screens that display the latest Batman posters. An official Batman logo is displayed above a bigger LED screen showing the movie trailers with a bat-signal light projecting on Gotham City.

Calling out all DC Cosplayers

A DC league gathering will be happening every Sunday where cosplayers can come dressed up as heroes and villains.

The judges for this Cosplay competition will be representatives from Warner Bros., Sunway Pyramid and Batman Fans Malaysia. Competitors will get to win up to RM1.2k worth of Sunway Pals Point, Batman Merchandises, Lagoon tickets, Sunway exclusive goodie bags and more.

The activities are as follows:

6 March - DC Hero Cosplay
13 March - DC Hero and Villain Cosplay
13 March - Cosplay Competition
20 March - DC Villain Cosplay

Prizes to Be Won By Visitors

There will be plenty of amazing and limited-edition prizes to be won during this event including the Grand Prize which is the 7-feet life-sized Batman flown from Germany exclusively for Sunway Pyramid. Aside from that, multiple social media contests will be on-going throughout the event on Sunway Pyramid's Facebook. Stand a chance to be one of the winners to bring home a set of Funko Pop, exclusive Batman merchandises, movie tickets, Batman Video Games, Hot Wheels, Typo goodies, Common Sense Batman apparels and so much more.

"The Batman", starring Robert Pattinson, Zoe Kravitz, Colin Farrell, John Torturro and many more, is set for release on 3 March!

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